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ADEEM REAL ESTATE was considered for business in 2014 AD and then eventually incorporated & established in 2016 AD, catering for providing several properties services in variable aspects that link owners, purchasers, lessees and investors together with all concerned in real estate dealers with all business pertinent to real estate issues. The company was officially registered in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) in Sultanate of Oman, and formally attested in 2018 by Ministry of Housing (MOH) with membership in Oman Real Estate Association (ORA) since 2016. The membership was awarded in Real Estate Club registered in Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MOCCI) linked to Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOCI) in Sultanate of Oman. The management of the company acquired good expertise in properties and real estate fields since 2009. However this company was formed by Omani young cadres that gained experience through joining numbering real estate offices and companies. The company also is concerned with development of human resource prospects therein as such development is effected through involving them to attend advanced courses regarding real estate business, each in own specialties and recently the company tended to provide its services in transparency and professionalism.

ADEEM REAL ESTATE CO provides variety means of service inclusive of the following: 

Management of Operations

regarding commercial and residential units.

Communications with clients and lessees

Collect payable

invoices and service charges

Protection of assets

Financial administration

collection of rentals and debts, detailed financial reports, follow up of income & expenditure, design financial plans to increase properties value and reduce costs resulting from real estate operations

Supervise over maintenance

establish a policy to warranty continuity in the occupation of real estate, increase value in the market, observe maintenance requirements, determine control plans on maintenance work, safekeeping to securities and guarantees

Management of contracts

contracts’ follow up, assume transactions at relevant governmental authorities, arrangement of clearance to confirm takeover of property in the best possible way

Meet our team


Martin Moore
Executive Director


Emily Austin
Marketing Director


Donna Reed
Customer Care


Russell Price
Creative Director

Meaning and identification of the word ADEEM in Arabic Language:

  1. The land
  2. 2. All apparent and visible everywhere or 3. All visible objects on the earth’s surface

All properties are located and visible on the surface of earth (based upon this the definition, real estate was carefully and accurately selected).