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ADEEM REAL ESTATE CO possesses extensive knowledge to deal with clients from all aspects, legal requirements, dealings with many associations some times, managing the daily and commercial affairs, grasp issues related to technical aspects of buildings, constructions and maintenance especially regarding major contracts for multi storeybuildings, as dealing and organizing is carried out in the joint real estate locations.

Nature of joint real estate locations in the Owners’ Association System:

Joint real estate locations are those allotted for use by units’ owners and residents as plotted in the locations plan. They include owned joint real estate areas, buildings’ structure, columns, bridges, walls & fences, passages, ceilings & windows in the outer surface of the building, entrance and all supporting structures.

It can also include joint places in the entrance’s lobby, lifts, staircases, sports halls, swimming pools, BBQ areas, guard rooms, building’s roof, vehicles’ parking area and the surrounding landscaping, proposed area spaces within the parameters, passages, facilities with their equipment and devices including drainage, pipes, ducts, means serving facilities in the buildings and individual units.

The common use areas outside the premises like jointly owned plot and others that include, but not restricted to, roads, crossings, twisted roads, sidewalks, footpaths, channels, ponds, fountains with all equipment related for practical use and open places together with playgrounds, wires, cables, piping with drainage system, necessary devices for measurements regarding usage of units’ services and supplies to the joint locations.

ADEEM REAL ESTATE CO duties in managing Real Estate Association:

Full responsibility for joint places within the property and control payments, i.e. water, electricity and air conditioning bills, etc. Supervision over the works of contractors and employees, prepare and distribute circulars, agenda, minutes of meetings, prepare and distribute financial statements, budgets, banking services, also notify any legal queers to the executive management committee.