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The real estate brokerage service is regarded as the most being claimed by clients, as communication is necessary between (buyers & sellers) or (owner& lessee) or (owner & investor) to state requirements acceptable mutually between parties as for (location, price, quality, and other services, etc.)

This kind of service was better utilized in a manner that achieves exemplary benefits for all parties without harm or damages.

ADEEM REAL ESTATE CO adopts several strategies and plans regarding its developed marketing system for real estate dealings, in that ADEEM REAL ESTATE CO possesses a large clients’ database built up during many years from several leading companies and that facilitates selling, lease and investment operations. However the marketing of such properties & real estate through many traditional and modern plans, some of which are:

  • E-Marketing
  • Short Messaging “SMS”
  • Marketing signboards
  • Targeting the suitable clients for the area and location
  • Relations between ADEEM REAL ESTATE CO and other companies
  • Published notices
  • Local newspapers & magazines
  • Storage Database